The Hair Chronicle Part 4: Curl (Like A Ram's Horn)

on Monday, July 8, 2013

The blog's been a little shit mellow last time, so I'm going to pay it up with something that rather...cheerful. Well, not that cheerful, but just a normal post with some facts.

I was born on April 18th, so my Zodiac sign is Aries. I consider myself as a true Arian; everytime I read an article about Aries, I can relate them all to myself. Here's some Aries fact that really represent me:

To an Aries, appearance isn't everything. This sign laugh at those who truly believe that looks matter more than personality.

Aries have an innate desire to start something new no matter how far along they are on something. Because of this desire, they never seem to find themselves stuck. They may attempt to remake themselves and create a new beginning.

Aries tend to like when you stroke their temple and forehead. They also like when you play in their hair.

Aries: I am, therefore I am. As an Aries, you are purely you and nothing else. You are pure passion and pure soul. You work off of your own instinct, and you live in the present moment. You are honest and direct with a strong sense of excitement and discovery. You react instinctively to what impresses you at the time without fully realizing any danger or risk, and you go after it with all your heart.

An Aries will forgive you, but the scars run deep so they may never really forget what you did.

An Aries mother will always keep her children in line while respecting their ability to stand on their own two feet.

Aries are usually arrogant, adventurous, independent, competitive, impulsive, dynamic, and courageous.

An Aries has a natural instinct about what choices to make and when to make them.

Aries as a parent: won't overly spoil their children, will give plenty of hugs and praises, will enjoy shareing and creating magical fantasies with their children.

What Aries hate: sluggish people and those that linger and waste time when there are more important things to do; overly cautious and negative people.

Aries are independent and no one can take that away from them.

Aries live their lives with little or no regret.

Aries love leaving to pursue bigger and better things.

Aries are straight-forward and have no reservations about hurting the feelings of others.

Aries is the most impatient of all the Zodiac signs; they are also known for being very optimistic.