The Hair Chronicle: Prologue

on Monday, April 29, 2013
Since I'm back in blogging, I'm gonna try once again to make a continuous post.
This time it's entitled "The Hair Chronicle"

......anyway, I'm typing this on the office. My senior next to me really have to stop pretending-like-he-was-stretching while he's actually peeking on what I'm doing.
Or so I thought. Well, I need to take a precaution... *minimizing the windonw*

So why 'hair chronicle'?
Here's why:

Ever since I was a child, I always had issues with hair.
I was born with a natural curly hair, which fits my genetic background, yet I contrary lived in a society of straight-haired people.
Asian people generally have straight black hair, which can easily styled and fit with every haircut they're having.
While me? Cutting my hair too short means I'm gonna look like the rocker Ahmad Albar from Godbless, while keeping it long will make me look like Farah Fawcett (alm).

This situation kept a great envy in my heart over the straight-haired people, and it also pushed me into a never ending quest to find the perfect style and the perfect shampoo to tame my hair.

I've been through a lot of changing hair style. From super short with many hairpin to long enough to have its own percentage in my total body weight.

So hairstyles have been my time stakes to mark some of the important or memorable moment in my life. Even if I'd decided to made this continuous post a fiction, I'm still going to keep the hair-point-of-view.

I hope this won't be just another unfinished posts. I'm going to try to relive the spirit of blogging inside of me.
By the way, if anyone ever read this (mfufufufu), I'm gonna say that if you think the posts on this blog are too serious, feel free to visit my tumblr. It's where I expressed the craziness in my head.